Our Vision

North Bay Educational Foundation believes that students should know how to lead others, work collaboratively, think creatively and critically, and have a shared body of knowledge upon graduation. The Core Knowledge curriculum model is an innovative, research-based, carefully designed program that has a proven record of equipping all students with the academic skills and personal values they need to compete in the areas of communication, fine arts, technology, mathematics, and scientific innovation. Through self-governance, teamwork, personal responsibility, and directed and differentiated instructional delivery, each student should be prepared for the challenges and opportunities of life as they move onto high school, college and the workplace.

We believe all students, regardless of background, can achieve academic and personal excellence. Our vision is to position all students for success by combining a distinctive Core Knowledge centered instructional process with a commitment to elevated standards of behavior, academic performance, and personal responsibility.  Through Core Knowledge’s intensive focus on literacy, we ensure mastery of essential skills and content knowledge, accelerate student achievement, support student acceptance to top high schools, and lay the foundation for every child to excel in and graduate from college.